1. What is the official portal of Government of Uttar Pradesh

    up.gov.in portal is the official State Portal of Government of Uttar Pradesh which is a single point of access for the citizens and other stakeholders for details and information related to Government of UP

    2. What is the objective of up.gov.in Portal

    The primary objective of this portal is to provide a single point access to the information of all Departments of State Government, State Public Sector Undertakings, Boards, Corporationsowned or controlled by the State Government. All user departments and agency sindividual portalsare linked up with this centralized State Portal.

    3. What information related to the Government of Uttar Pradesh is available on the portal

    The portal has information related to Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, Administration, Ministers, Districts, & all departmental offices. It also include publications which includes important publications and magazines published by the govt. Right to Information under Chief Secretary’s office and Right to Information under the Department of Information are available under separate links which briefly explain their roles and responsibilities. Portal consists of the state government’s key e-governance projects. These include key DARPAN; e-PARIKSHA; Nivesh Mitra, e-District (Janhit Guarantee Act); e-Nagar Sewa; Jan Sunwai-Samadhan etc.

    4. What information related to the state of Uttar Pradesh is available on the portal

    State Information related to rivers, neighboring states, size and population is available. Information related to Natural Wealth of Uttar Pradesh such as Minerals, Vegetation, Flora & Fauna is available.

    Cultural Heritage- With Uttar Pradesh being in one of the most ancient cradles of Indian culture, information related to its culture, heritage, history etc. is available.

    Constitutional Setup- Information related toGovt. of Uttar Pradesh, administration, ministers, districts, & all departmentaloffices and hierarchies in this setup has been made available with each department having its own individual link.

    Social Demography- From population, political awareness, historical and cultural heritage and freedom movement points of view, Uttar Pradesh is a very important state of the country. Hence, all information related to these factors is available.

    5. Are online government services available through this portal

    Yes, Government Department services are available through the UP-State Portal. Services are available under the ‘Key e-governance projects' button on the home page. Services such as DARPAN; e-PARIKSHA; Nivesh Mitra, e-District (Janhit Guarantee Act); e-Nagar Sewa; Jan Sunwai- Samadhan, e-Pension, e-Parinay Patra, e-Tula etc. are available.

    6. Can the State portal be accessed from a mobile

    Yes, the portal design is responsive and the pages can be viewed from both mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

    7. Is the portal accessible through latest web browsers

    Yes, the portal is accessible through all the latest web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox.